iPhone 4 Credit Card Processing available through PaymentMax

Do you have an iPhone 4 and want to start accepting credit cards anywhere you are? PaymentMax now supports the iPhone 4. Great news for the latest iPhone users! Here are some of the benefits of accepting credit cards with your iPhone 4 (or the hundreds of other phones supported by ROAMpay mobile swipe).

1. No customer lines. Process credit and debit cards wherever your customers are: beach, trade show, farmers market, or doorstep!

2. No missed sales. Appeal to the cashless, plastic paying customers of the world.

3. Save the Earth. Emailed Receipts reduce the amount of paper and ink put into our landfills.

4. Higher ticket amounts. Customers who use credit cards tend to buy more.

5. Track customers. Those emailed receipts are the perfect marketing resource to attract future sales from existing clients.

6. Lower processing rates. Get those low card present rates by swiping your customer’s payment card.

7. Protect your customers. ROAMpay mobile swipe is PCI verified.

So whether you have an iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, Android, or Blackberry give your customers the convenience of credit card payments, while increasing sales, reducing fees, and saving the planet-all in a day’s work.