AprivaPay Activation Setup

Q: We have not received an email confirmation letting us know if we have been approved. We wanted to know asap so we could order the card reader.

A: Please check your spam folder. We need the cell number for droid in order to activate it on AprivaPay.

Q: We did just get the emails. Will download the AprivaPay app asap and do a test sale for $2 on the droid. How do we order the card reader?

A: Email your merchant account rep.

Q: I have downloaded “aprivapay” app on my cell phone what do I do next?

A: Apply for a aprivapay merchant account

Q: How do I know everything is working ok on aprivapay?

A: Soon as you’re approved click on activate then run a test sale for $2.00 and let us know

Q: I received the aprivapay pdf manual. I want to make sure I understand. The reader will be downloaded directly on to the droid phone, correct? Or do we need to pay for or order any additional items to be prepared to read cards at our event next Monday?

A: Three ways you can process credit cards on your droid. 1) Aprivapay app-based on your droid
2) Key-in online 3) Card reader with compatible device that works on AprivaPay. Options: droid reader only or reader and printer.