BlackBerry Credit Card Processing

Accepting credit card payments on your BlackBerry phone is easy and secure with a tiny device called the RoamData Card Reader. Anywhere your phone works, you can swipe a credit card and process a payment, generate a receipt, and keep track of all your sales: Cash or credit.
Follow these four steps.

One: Download and Activate
Download the RoamPay application to your phone, and contact your merchant service provider to set up your mobile card processing account.

Two: Get the Reader
The Card Reader is a tiny device that plugs into the headphone jack on your BlackBerry. The moment a card is swiped, all data is encrypted and transmitted securely for instant approval. The ability to swipe a card makes your sales ‘card present’ transactions, which are eligible for lower processing fees. The Reader is available for these BlackBerry devices:
Bold 9000
Bold 9650
Bold 2 9700
Curve 2 8520
Curve 2 8530
Storm 2 9550
Torch 9800
Tour 9630

Three: Make a Sale
Open the app on your phone, enter the sale information, and swipe the card. Card approval is instant, and you have the ability to email a receipt to your client. The encryption used to keep your data safe exceeds industry standards, and no information is ever stored within the phone itself. It is even possible to record your cash sales through RoamPay’s app. Simply choose ‘cash sale’ from the initial menu, and enter your sale. Processing cash sales this way enables you to email your customer a receipt as well as keeping all your sales information together for more comprehensive sales reports.

Four: Review
Use your BlackBerry or your home computer to access your sales any time. You can review individual sales, generate detailed sales reports and resend receipts. Will more than one person be make sales? Use RoamPay to link the data from each point of sale BlackBerry and pull the information together on a single sales report.

Using BlackBerry to process credit cards is simple and secure with RoamData’s RoamPay app and card reader. Just plug in the reader, and get ready to swipe!