Bluetooth Printers for Smartphones

Q: Do you have a “printer” for my smartphone?

A: Yes, ma’am, we do. Would you like to know more?

Most sellers and customers who have credit cards processed on smartphones like the earth friendly convenience and savings of using email receipt systems. But sometimes it is nice or necessary to issue a paper receipt on the spot. There are several models of peripheral printers that use Bluetooth technology that can do this. PaymentMax offers printers that are compatible with the AprivaPay app and can accommodate iPhones, Windows Mobile phones, and most Android phones.

Daily Systems 247i
Daily Systems 247i is a combination printer and card reader that works with iPhones. This 2″ printer runs off a rechargeable battery. A car charger is available separately. The DS-247i uses a “sled” design where the iPhone slips into a “seat.” It prints on a roll of thermal paper at 203 dpi. The device is certified by Apple.

Woosim PORTI-SC30
The PORTI-SC30 by Woosim printer weighs just a little over six ounces, making it light enough to carry anywhere. It works with both Android™ and Windows Mobile® smartphones. Its direct thermal printer has a resolution of 203 dpi. It can support both text and graphic printing, so you can put your logo on receipts, if you wish.

How it Works
Bluetooth is a wireless technology that establishes a short-range connection between two Bluetooth equipped devices. That is why you need a mobile printer that can support Bluetooth wireless technology when printing from your smartphone. You display the image of the receipt on your phone and choose the ‘send to Bluetooth’ or ‘print’ option from the menu. It is that simple.

Either peripheral printer is recommended for high-volume merchants who have frequent mobile transactions. The Daily Systems printer works with iPhones while the Woosim printer is compatible with Android and Windows Mobile handsets.

For a price quote and information to find out if these printers would be a good fit for your mobile business, contact PaymentMax.

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