Why is the Samsung Galaxy credit card reader so popular?

The Samsung Galaxy S phones can be found at all major US providers, even the no-contract company, MetroPCS. The series of Galaxy S phones all have the same core features— 1GHz Hummingbird processor, Super AMOLED touch screen, Android OS. Earlier this year, Forbes.com reported that Samsung’s Galaxy Series was the number one seller of all Android devices in the US. So, what makes the Galaxy so popular?

We checked Samsung’s website and they said it was, “The screens on Galaxy S phones are sharper and glare-free.”

Finally, we asked some folks who actually use a Galaxy S in real life, and they gave a couple different answers. Some liked its speed, and others said it was because they got it for free with their data plan. I can see how those would be a definite plus.

Did you know that PaymentMax offers a credit card reader for free with some contracts? Using the card reader also considerably speeds the time it takes to make a payment and get the funds deposited, so we think that every Samsung Galaxy user can be happy with one of our merchant accounts. If you do not want a contract, we can still sell you a card reader for as little as $44.95, but if you don’t want our high-speed funding, you may be out of luck. Speed comes standard with our quality customer service.

Our card reader simultaneously helps you meet PCI security standards and lets you swipe any major credit card on your Samsung Galaxy. It encrypts the data instantly, and you are notified momentarily when the card is accepted. The card reader is as portable as your phone, so can take payments anytime from nearly anywhere. No wonder it is popular.