Credit card slider for android

What Is The Best Card Slider For Android?

Accepting credit cards on your Android smartphone is a new concept for business owners, so researching the many available options becomes necessary to ensure you’re getting the best service available for you. Two of the most popular services that offer credit card sliders for Android phones are PaymentMax and Square.

Square is a merchant account that is designed to accept credit cards on your smartphone. The service is free to set up and the only fees associated with it are a 2.75% fee for each transaction. All major credit cards are accepted and funds collected using the reader are deposited into your square account. Square is popular because the interface is intuitive and easy to use, but there is a better alternative that charges less in fees and offers support for more devices.

PaymentMax functions exactly like Square, only instead of only being able to swipe cards, you can also key-in your sales. With PaymentMax, the fees are also much lower. A 30 cent transaction fee is charged, with only 1.59% taken from each transaction that is processed. For business owners who accept several payments a day, the lower fees charged by PaymentMax can offer a much better option.

Other benefits that PaymentMax holds over the Square service is that it can operate on a broader range of devices Android, Apple and BlackBerry. Android devices are supported on both services, but if you want a dedicated smartphone or tablet specifically for accepting credit cards for your business, you are not limited to the Android operating system. In fact, many business owners have acquired the HP TouchPad that went on an extreme sale and have converted it into a POS terminal using PaymentMax.

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