Credit card adapter for android

Credit card adapter for android
Samsung Fascinate Credit Card Processing

Business owners can now take advantage of the PaymentMax mobile credit card processing service. All they need to have is an android smartphone. PaymentMax provides a merchant account for business owners and a credit card adapter for android phones. This enables a business person to use his/her or her android phone as a credit card processor. The mobile credit card processing solution by PaymentMax is tested and fully complies with the PCI data security standard. The payment processing application uses end to end encryption to safeguard credit card information.

If you are an interested business owner, you only need to contact PaymentMax to be given a credit card adapter for android. After being issued with a credit card scanner, you will be given directions on how to download a payment processing application. The payment processing procedure is simple. You attach a credit card scanner to the phone and then open the payment processing application. The next step is to specify the sale amount on the application. You then have the option to swipe a customer’s credit card. You can also type the credit card number into the application to charge it for the sale.

Ordinary merchant account providers take up to three days to get the funds from credit card sales into your checking account. PaymentMax works with credit card companies to ensure that the funds from are deposited into your checking account in only one business day. This service is available through PaymentMax. By using a PaymentMax, your money will be available for use in the business on the next day after making credit sales.

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