Credit Card Reader for BlackBerry Torch 9800

Credit Card Reader for BlackBerry Torch 9800
Blackberry Smartphone Credit Card Processing

An increasing number of businesses are adopting mobile payment processing. PaymentMax, has now made it possible for business owners with BlackBerry smartphones to take advantage of this technology. If you are an interested business owner, PaymentMax will provide you with a credit card reader that will work with your BlackBerry Torch 9800. No other fancy gadgets are needed in order to receive credit card payments. PaymentMax will also help you set up a merchant account. The company ensures that funds from your credit card sales get into your checking account only one business day after the credit sales. This is better than the three days taken by ordinary merchant account service providers.

The credit card reader that is provided is secure and uses software that provides end to end encryption. The solution by PaymentMax complies with the PCI data security standard. One of the applications supplied by PaymentMax is the ROAMpay application. On this application, you type in the amount you wish to charge a customer and then swipe a credit card to charge for the sale. You can optionally key in the credit card number manually which will also charge the card. You can fill in a customer’s email address for the application to send the customer’s receipt after the transaction is processed.

With the ROAMpay application, you have more than just a payment processor in your hands. You can use the application to check your sales figures or generate detailed reports on credit sales. BlackBerry Torch 9800 credit card processing is available through PaymentMax.

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