PaymentMax for Kindle Fire

PaymentMax for Kindle Fire



Kindle Fire devices utilize revolutionary forms of technology. Users of the Kindle Fire can store thousands of songs on the device. Business owners who operate in a mobile environment may appreciate some of the advanced Kindle Fire applications. In fact, a Kindle Fire may be used to accept credit card payments from your customers. PaymentMax provides a secure method for processing credit card payments on the Kindle Fire.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Business owners such as a landscaper or a consultant can accept customer payments on a Kindle Fire. While you are meeting with a client, you can process a credit card payment from any remote location. Mobile credit card processing eliminates the need for a client’s check to arrive in the mail. Additionally, it means that you can accept point-of-sale payments from your clients. Having the ability to accept mobile payments could improve the cash flow for your business. Mobile credit card processing could prevent your business from losing potential sales to its competitors. PaymentMax is your solution for mobile credit card processing on the Kindle Fire.


Integrating the use of your Kindle Fire with your business could ease certain challenges that mobile entrepreneur experience. After swiping sales into your Kindle Fire, your business will receive the funds within one business day. PaymentMax can process your Kindle Fire payments in a secure and a PCI compliant manner.

Ger Kindle Fire Credit Card Processing Rates:

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