Can U Swipe Credit Card on a Tablet

Can U Swipe Credit Card on a Tablet?

Credit Card Reader Smartphone Tablet


Tablet users are finding unique ways to integrate the device for business. If you own a tablet such as an Apple iPad or a BlackBerry Playbook, you can swipe a credit card on your device. To accept credit cards, you must receive service from a compatible payment processor.

Tablet Computer Features

Ownership of a tablet can enable you to wirelessly connect to the Internet, store various types of data and perform multiple business tasks. If your company does not accept credit card payments, you may wonder, can u swipe credit card on a tablet? Business owners who align their company with a compatible processing service can accept mobile credit card payments.

A Premier Credit Card Processor

As one of the fastest growing firms in the country, PaymentMax provides superior support for tablet users. PaymentMax can provide your company with a compatible swiper device for your tablet. Using innovative wireless products, your company may experience greater sales growth.


PaymentMax has processing fees that equal 1.59 percent. Your company will receive excellent customer support and services fees that are among the lowest in the payment industry. Apply today for instant set up, exceptional service and low-cost credit card processing.


Small business owners could improve the cash flow for their enterprise with a PaymentMax credit card reader. Can U swipe credit card on a tablet? PaymentMax says yes to more business owners with BlackBerry and Android devices than its competitors. A PaymentMax customer care representative can provide information about swiping a credit card on a tablet.

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