Credit Card Attatchment for Android

Credit Card Attatchment for Android Devices

HTC Aria Card Reader Android

Small business owners are among the most important sources of job growth in the nation, but streamlining costs is essential for their success. Many businesses depend on the use of relevant technology to manage everyday activities, and credit card payments accepted via smartphone or tablet allows for another opportunity to streamline equipment costs. Consolidating payment processing into the smartphone environment provides a money saving approach to managing the income of a business.

PaymentMax has PCI compliant services that equip small business owners with secure means of accepting and processing credit card payments. A credit card attatchment for Android phones or tablets makes it simple to provide customers with a secure swiping platform. Key-in processing can be done, as well, though customers may be more comfortable with an official apparatus. Receipts are delivered electronically, providing customers with proof of their purchases.

Payments are processed quickly, arriving in your business account within a day of the payment being received. This quick access to your funds means that you have a more consistent cash flow, making it possible for your business to make more efficient use of its income. PaymentMax doesn’t charge fees for setup of its services, which saves significantly compared to merchant service charges of many other companies. Your equipment needs are minimal and your benefits are exceptional.

For many, the idea of a credit card swiper on a phone is novel, but in reality the device can help you to mobilize your business. Whether you provide a service or sell a product, you can make your business more accessible in terms of payment options for customers and clients.


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