Credit Card Reader for Blackberry

Credit Card Reader for Blackberry

Credit Card Reader for Blackberry

Mobile business owners love the fantastic Blackberry credit card reader available through PaymentMax. With this convenient device, business owners can bill for products and services from anywhere. This means plumbers, exterminators, contractors and other on-site service businesspeople can receive immediate payments at work sites without waiting to return to the office. Small business owners who make presentations and proposals to clients can receive funds for a sale before the clients have a chance to change their minds. Mobile businesses that sell at flea markets, fairs, trade shows and other non-standard locations can sell more by accepting credit cards and cash.

Businesspeople who connect a credit card reader to their Blackberry smartphones instantly gain the ability to process payments from customers and clients through a secure and PCI-compliant data connection. Sellers start the payment app on their Blackberry and then either swipe the credit card through the card reader attachment or key-in data using the touchscreen on the device. This means that mobile sellers can accept telephone orders and process mail orders from any location with access to a wireless data network.

PaymentMax offers a variety of payment processing plans and merchant accounts that help small business owners, freelancers, professionals and retailers compete in the modern marketplace. PaymentMax knows that mobile businesses need to receive money from sales quickly, so the payment processor transfers money to their clients business checking accounts.

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