Square Credit Card App for BlackBerry

Square Credit Card App for BlackBerry

Blackberry Credit Card App


BlackBerry users can obtain periodic updates for their device. As new features become available, users are able to select certain features. The BlackBerry App World provides downloadable applications for cell phone users and for tablet computer users. Mobile entrepreneur can integrate many of the features for business use. Business owners can also accept credit cards on a BlackBerry device.

Getting Started

In addition to downloading the appropriate application for your device, you will need to subscribe for a merchant service account. If you are considering the Square credit card app for BlackBerry products, you may be wasting valuable time. Square Up does not provide support for BlackBerry users. However, PaymentMax provides an instant set up process for mobile business owners who need credit card processing on a BlackBerry device. PaymentMax does not charge an application fee or a set up fee for a merchant account.


Some business owners may be surprised to learn about the lack of support concerning the Square credit card app for BlackBerry. If you need to use your BlackBerry device for business, you can depend on compatible support from PaymentMax. You can obtain PCI compliant services that use secured forms of data encryption.


Can mobile business owners obtain the Square credit card app for BlackBerry devices? No. Square does not offer a compatible app for mobile BlackBerry users. Is there a PaymentMax credit card app for BlackBerry devices? Yes. A PaymentMax customer support representative can provide specific details about support for BlackBerry devices.

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