Square Up App for Windows Phone

Square Up App for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Credit Card Processing App


Business owners who desire the ability to accept mobile payments on a smartphone may impress their next client. Smartphone users can access the Internet, send and receive email and accept mobile credit card payments. To receive electronic payments through a Windows phone, you must obtain support from a compatible processing company. The Windows smartphone is not compatible with all merchant processors.

Compatible Solutions for Users of the Windows Phone

Square Up does not offer support for users of the Windows phone. It’s important to select a processor with a large inventory of supported devices. If your subscriber provides support for a limited number of devices, you will have fewer options to select. PaymentMax provides support for the Windows phone. Using services from PaymentMax can position your company to receive support on various smartphones and tablet computers. As an industry leader, PaymentMax maintains the largest inventory of compatible mobility devices.

Using Your Windows Phone to Accept Credit Cards

Designed by the Microsoft Corporation, a Windows phone may be used to accept mobile credit card payments. Whether you own a company such as a catering business or an appliance repair business, you can accept credit cards on your Windows device. You can key-in sales information on a Windows phone. The data is securely processed to transfer an electronic payment to your checking account. PaymentMax ensures that your transaction meets PCI compliance.


The Square Up app for Windows phone will not allow business owners to accept mobile credit card payments. Contact PaymentMax to get support for your Windows phone and to receive lower processing fees than Square Up. PaymentMax provides a free set up process too.

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