NFC Swipe

NFC Swipe
NFC Swipe

Business owners who use credit card swipe devices for mobile payment transactions have distinctive advantages over their competitors. As technology evolves, entrepreneurs can offer more convenient payment options for point-of-sale transactions. The ROAM Data Corporation has developed the NFC Swipe for near-field communications. Users of the NFC Swipe can accept mobile credit card payments via radio communication. The technology enables payment transmissions via physical contact as well as transmissions among devices within close proximity.

Information About the NFC Swipe

Near-field communication is similar to the Visa payWave. NFC Swipe technologies are comparable to the MasterCard PayPass too. Some gas stations provide a pocket-sized device that enables users to pay for services without physical contact. Users can waive their device to perform wireless payment transactions.

Benefits of the NFC Swipe

The NFC Swipe should provide greater convenience for mobile business owners. Consumers should have a more enjoyable shopping experience too. Consumers who are in a hurry may appreciate the ability to waive a device that accepts and authorizes their payment. Consumers who rely on electronic payment options might shop more frequently at convenient establishments.


NFC Swipe support is available for hundreds of smartphones, personal computers and tablet computers too. You can obtain additional information about the NFC Swipe to help grow your business.


Secured processing support for the NFC Swipe will be available through PaymentMax. ROAMpay NFC Swipe works in tandem with a compatible PaymentMax merchant account. A PaymentMax representative can discuss various methods for growing your business with the NFC Swipe.


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