Accept Credit Cards on your Microsoft Windows 8 Surface Tablet

Accept Credit Cards Microsoft Windows Surface Tablet
Many new and experienced business owners are looking for ways to accept their customer’s credit cards without having to buy expensive dedicated equipment. Fortunately, there are a variety of new ways to accept and process credit cards with mobile technology. In fact, it is now possible to Accept Credit Cards on your Microsoft Windows 8 Surface Tablet.

In order to use this technology, it is first necessary to download an app that accepts credit card information and transmits this information to a processing company. Once downloaded, a business owner or a store employee can key in a customer’s data, including his or her credit card number. It is not necessary to have any other equipment.

The app that is downloaded is extremely secure and PCI compliant. This means that all data it accepts and transmits cannot be easily accessed. Most transactions take only minutes to complete.

Once complete, a customer will be able to receive a receipt from the transaction via a paper copy or an electronic receipt. Funds from the transaction are typically deposited into the business’ checking account within twenty four hours.

Being able to accept credit cards has been show to increase both the number of sales and the amount of each sale. By being able to accept cards through a mobile tablet, a business owner can increase his or her customer base and start making larger sales.

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