Samsung Galaxy S 3 Credit Card App

Samsung Galaxy S III Credit Card Processing App
Credit Card Payments On Your Galaxy S 3

The day is coming where paper money and plastic credit cards will be obsolete. Thanks to new technologies and the increasing amount of mobile users in today’s world, many new opportunities will arise for business owners and consumers alike. One such opportunity is the use of NFC (near field communications) in smart phones to accept credit card payments.

What exactly is NFC? The new technology, currently found in very few smart phones today, is very simple to understand. Two NFC equipped devices, such as a mobile phone and a scanner, can pass information to one another by simply holding them near to each other. Imagine going to your favorite retail location, but instead of swiping your credit card at checkout, you simply “swiped” your smartphone in front of a scanner device. Through applications such as Google Wallet, all of your credit card information is instantly, safely, and securely passed to the scanner device, completing your checkout.

The Samsung Galaxy S 3 will play a huge part in introducing this to the masses. Currently, Samsung is the top smart phone producer in the country, largely in thanks to the Galaxy S and S 2. With the Galaxy S 3 sure to be a success as well, the inclusion of NFC on the device will give an enormous amount of users access to the new technology. As a business owner, using a Samsung Galaxy S 3 credit card app will make transactions as easy as swiping your smart phone in front of the customer’s smart phone.

Through the app, sales can be keyed in, funds can be transferred quickly, and all transactions will be secured and PCI compliant. Your customers will be impressed with the use of the new technology, and shopping will become easier (for both consumers and deliverers) than ever before!

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