Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Credit card processing

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Credit Card Processing App
Anyone doing business in a mobile setting should consider adding mobile credit card processing to grow sales. If you win the trust of your customer, you still may lose out on a valuable sale if you only accept cash and personal checks. Accepting credit cards while on the go used to mean bulky equipment and telephone line availability, but with the PaymentMax system, anyone can instantly turn their smartphone into a mobile banking powerhouse.

An Android phone with a large and responsive touchscreen is suggested. The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze would make a great choice. While PaymentMax also supports iPhone and Blackberry, using Android makes things easier due to easy integration with Google Wallet. The customer simply swipes his card against the card reader you mount to your phone.

Funds are credited to your checking account in as little as a day in most cases. Other similar platforms cannot process, complete and fund transactions as quickly. There are no start-up costs, and the company will throw in its patented smartphone-mounted card reader. You’ll be ready to accept credit cards right away.

For veterans of the mobile business industry where accepting cards is already commonplace, PaymentMax offers all the safety and security of dedicated point-of-sale credit card machines. It also requires nothing more than your smartphone and a tiny device, allowing you more freedom of movement than ever before. All transactions will be tabulated and can be managed from within robust software running on your smartphone or PC.

In these digital times, many people walking the street don’t even carry cash anymore. Stop missing out on sales and start reaching every potential customer with PaymentMax.

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