Can the paypal card reader be used on a kindle fire?

Can the Paypal Card Reader be Used on a Kindle Fire?

PaymentMax: Yes
Paypal: No



The Amazon Corporation has provided consumers with a brilliant device known as the Kindle Fire. Users are often amazed to discover new features within the device. Business owners may realize their inability to use the Paypal card reader on the Kindle Fire.  There is a solution for merchants who need to perform wireless credit card processing on their Kindle Fire. PaymentMax is the answer. PaymentMax is the only company that enables business owners to complete mobile credit card transactions with a Kindle Fire.

Getting Started With PaymentMax

If you’re like most merchants who want to use a tablet for wireless credit card processing, you may ask, can the Paypal card reader be used on a Kindle Fire? Unfortunately, the answer that business owners will get is unfavorable. However, getting started with PaymentMax can enable a merchant to accept electronic payments on their Kindle Fire.

How Does the Process Work?

A business owner who needs to finalize a sales transaction must have a wireless signal and their computer tablet. PaymentMax offers Kindle Fire credit card processing via swiping the sale with a card reader. Simply swipe and entering a customer’s credit card information into a Kindle Fire can enable PaymentMax to facilitate the electronic funds transfer into a merchant’s business checking account.


PaymentMax subscribers frequently obtain their electronic funds deposit within one business day. Kindle Fire users can accept wireless credit card payments with a merchant account through PaymentMax.

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