Equestrian Credit Card Processing


Merchants who stage horse shows and equestrian events usually build a following of dedicated fans. During a horse show, patrons may decide to purchase some of a merchant’s goods. Whether selling specialty items, apparel or baked goods, a merchant who subscribes for equestrian credit card processing might register higher sales during a horse show. PaymentMax has wireless devices that a merchant can use to complete credit card transactions all over the country.

Security Features

Equestrian credit card processing may be conducted on a tablet computer or on a user’s smartphone. To ensure that a customer’s data is secured, a merchant should locate an equestrian credit card processing company that provides PCI compliance and has reliable security features. PaymentMax offers secured devices that merchants can use to complete wireless equestrian credit card processing.

Cost Effectiveness

A Merchant processing company must charge a service fee to maintain the necessary support for its customer base. Many service providers charge amounts that exceed the industry average. PaymentMax offers many features and 24-hour support to its subscribers for a very reasonable fee. The time that a merchant saves during weekly trips to a bank branch to deposit large amounts of cash is a benefit of wireless credit card processing. In addition to the cost effectiveness, equestrian credit card processing is safer too. Rather than toting money around at a horse show, a merchant can swipe or key-in a customer’s payment data and PaymentMax can handle the transaction from that point. More details about wireless credit card processing are available through a PaymentMax account manager.

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