Magento Merchant Account


Credit cards may be accepted online for certain businesses. In order to receive web-based credit card payments, a business owner should obtain a secured merchant account. Using a Magento merchant account is an ideal way for a new or an existing ecommerce operation to safely accept credit cards online. PaymentMax has various support options for web-based businesses.
Magento Merchant Account
Security Features

Multiple security features are needed to safely conduct business via the Internet. PaymentMax offers its account holders a variety of encrypted technologies that protect credit card users from unscrupulous predators. Obtaining a PaymentMax account can enable a merchant to confidently process credit cards through the payment gateway. The payment processing and security features are compatible with a Magento merchant account.

Benefits of a Merchant Account

A Magento merchant account enables business owners to sell various products online. Magento provides many user-friendly features to build an online store. Whether a merchant needs a shopping solution for a small store or for a warehouse, Magento offers scalability. PaymentMax subscribers can receive secured payment processing for a Magento merchant account. Business owners who need more information about the payment gateway for Magento merchant account holders are encouraged to contact a PaymentMax account representative.


A dependable payment solution helps to protect a business owner and its clients during ecommerce transactions. Merchants who allow PaymentMax to handle the credit card processing for web-based transactions may rest easier. Merchants may contact PaymentMax today for more details about using a Magento merchant account for business.

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