Windows 8 Credit Card App


Mobile business owners can integrate wireless credit card payments into a growing business model. Using devices from the Microsoft Corporation such as a Surface tablet, a smartphone or a laptop, a business owner can accept credit cards at many mobile locations. The Windows 8 credit card app requires an Internet connection as well as a reliable merchant services provider to seamlessly facilitate electronic payment transactions. PaymentMax offers support for business owners who require credit card processing on Microsoft products.
Windows 8 Credit Card App

Windows 8 Credit Card App

Windows 8 has some impressive features and upgrades to previous Microsoft platforms. The operating system provides more secured features as well as faster start up and shut down time frames. Users can easily synchronize data among a variety of Windows-based devices. The Windows 8 credit card app enables a user to accept credit cards from virtually anywhere that an Internet connection exists.

Accepting Credit Card Payments

PaymentMax account holders can start accepting credit card payments with the Windows 8 credit card app. Subscribers get to experience features such as 24-hour customer support, a fast approval process, next-day bank deposits and compliance with PCI regulations. Accepting credit card payments through PaymentMax could enable a Windows 8 user to key in relevant sales information into a compatible device. Before the end of the next business day, PaymentMax facilitates the transfer of credit card funds into the company’s checking account.


The Windows 8 credit card app is an amazing technological innovation that PaymentMax can support. Business owners may inquire about low-cost processing fees for users of the Windows 8 credit card application.

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