Why People are Choosing Magento Software Platform for eCommerce

Credit Card Payments are Safely Processed for Merchants who Utilize Magento

Magento has a reliable software platform that consistently outperforms products from other vendors. A processor’s reputation and reliability are significant factors in the credit card payment industry. Merchants who need secured shopping solutions routinely choose Magento for safe credit card transactions.
Why People are Choosing Magento Software Platform for eCommerce
Business owners can easily setup a Magento store for e-commerce transactions. In fact, Magento provides an option for users to try the service for a free 30-day trial period. At the conclusion of the trial period, a merchant may select a variety of customized features.

Magento offers four options for e-commerce solutions. The services are competitively priced from $15 to 125. Prices are based on a merchant’s needs such as the number of products that will be displayed, storage space, bandwidth requirements and various support options. Merchants may choose to receive email, chat-based or telephone support. Multiple account and language options may be selected too.

Beautifully designed shopping carts are available through Magento. Merchants may select a Magento Go theme or choose a customized shopping cart theme from a Magento partner-provided designer. Magento users can easily add products to an e-commerce website. The features enable a merchant to incorporate shipping options, reporting tools, social networking and premium marketplaces.

Payment gateways are needed to collect electronic funds from web-based shoppers. Magento users may choose to receive credit card processing from a variety of service providers. PaymentMax is compatible with Magento and features PCI compliant credit card processing. Next-day funding is provided for PaymentMax account holders who use Magento. Secured credit card features are seamlessly integrated for Magento shopping cart transactions, according to Ken Lewis, VP of Sales for PaymentMax.

Business owners have chosen the Magento software platform over other products for e-commerce transactions due to affordable services, customized features and the extensive support options.

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