iPad Air Card Reader

Do you ever run into problems with your standard credit card reader? The technology that powers them is often old and clunky, leading to difficulties when it comes to transaction processing. However, with the PaymentMax iPad Air Card Reader, you can give your business a modern face lift and eliminate the middleman. This device is an attachment for the iPad that serves as a credit card scanner. For a small initial fee upon purchase from any participating retailer and a minimal transaction fee for each purchase, the business owner is able to take payments directly without going through a credit card company.
iPad Air Card Reader

The device transfers the payment from the credit card into the specified bank account. The iPad Air Card Reader turns any compatible device into a credit card scanner in seconds. The convenience offered by this service can’t be beaten; no matter where you are, just plug it in and receive your payment. The perfect solution for entrepreneurs or freelancers, no longer will you only be able to accept cash or check. This means you have access to a wider client base and more diverse payment methods, which not only makes life easier for you, but provides a valuable service to your clients. With twenty-four hour support, no trouble is too much, and PaymentMax’s support team will have you up and running in no time.

It’s a no brainer. Make the switch today, and see increased sales through the use of the iPad Air Card Reader. Your customers will love it, and so will you. Sign up with PaymentMax today.

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