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Verizon Wireless iPad Credit Card Swiper

Apple iPad through Verizon Wireless just got better.

Now you can process credit cards on it.

iPad 16GB iPad 32GB
iPad 64GB
Swiper Yes Yes Yes
Key-in Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Terminal Yes Yes Yes
Deposit Time 1-2 Days 1-2 Days 1-2 Days
App cost $2.99 $2.99 $2.99
Swiper cost Free with 2yr contract
$44.95 & up with month to month contract
Printer (coming soon)

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PaymentMax Debuts on Inc. 500|5000 at #151

PaymentMax, a merchant services provider, has made the prestigious Inc. 500|5000 list of fastest growing independently owned companies for the year 2010. PaymentMax comes in at number 151 overall and number 12 in the industry-specific category of Financial Services. In making the top 500, PaymentMax is featured not only on the website but also in the September issue of the Inc. print magazine.

Since 1982, Inc. has published an annual list of the 500 most successful entrepreneurial companies in the United States. In 2007, the list expanded to include the top 5000 businesses, allowing for a more developed picture of the scope of such independent business. Included companies are ranked based on a study of their revenue growth over a three year time period. Such well-known companies as E*Trade and Oracle have been included in previous lists.

Max Payton, Vice President of Sales at PaymentMax, said, “We were able to grow our company because of the fast funding we offer to business owners.”

PaymentMax’s Next Day Funding option provides a business with the ability to receive profits made from credit card sales within a single day after the sale is made. Typical credit card sales processing can run between three and five days, depending on the type of credit card used for the purchase. PaymentMax’s faster turn around in funding provides much greater flexibility in how those profits can be utilized within a business, which can be especially important for a small to medium sized company.

With a variety of solutions for any business, including mobile credit card processing for the iPhone and Android phones, PaymentMax is an entrepreneurial company that truly backs other entrepreneurs. PaymentMax understands that not all sales are conducted in an office. The mobile processing products and services available through PaymentMax offer business owners of any size the ability to securely accept credit card payments without bulky equipment, while still providing transaction receipts via email, and full sales report statistics that can be accessed on the road or from the home office.

Visit PaymentMax at for more on next day funding and mobile processing.

iPads Are Now Swiping Your Client’s Dough!

ROAM Data, Inc., the Boston based company that developed the world’s first encrypted audio credit card swiper for cell phones has now made their Swiper available for use with the iPad. The ROAMpay Swiper is also the first secure credit card reader and swiper available for use with the iPad. PaymentMax Processing Inc. is currently accepting applications for merchant accounts which are needed to make the ROAMpay Swiper fully operational.

For customers who grew up watching space age science fiction on television and in movies, the first time they use the Swiper may feel a little like they have stepped into a futuristic sci-fi world where all the scientists walk around in constant consultation with their data tablets. But when the sale is completed, they will find the technology anything but alien. In fact, it is quite earth-intuitive and is easy to use for both merchants and customers.

It has also been designed to discourage and reduce an old earth problem of fraud. The ROAMpay Swiper is fully in compliance with the Data Security Standards (DSS) of the Payment Card Industry (PCI). Running a transaction on the iPad can easily be done without the card ever leaving the customer’s sight. Having the credit card present for the sale and physically swiping it is known to be one of the safest forms of e-commerce and this is reflected in lower rates for the seller’s account. All the card’s data is encrypted the instant the magnetic stripe passes through the Swiper. Transmission of the data is secure and only the last four digits of the card number are ever displayed or stored in the iPad.

About ROAM Data, Inc.

ROAM Data was founded in 2005 and provides secure mobile applications and the Swiper hardware to small and mid-size businessmen for making direct sales. More information about RoamData is available at

About PaymentMax Processing, Inc.

PaymentMax has been providing merchant services since November of 2004. Their emphasis on building relationships with their customers has made the a leader among support service providers. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, or at

PaymentMax Champions Lemonade Entrepreneur

A recent article in Portland, Oregon’s The Oregonian newspaper outlining a small business owner’s struggle with local regulations has inspired merchant service provider PaymentMax to champion the entrepreneur’s cause. To assist in her future business endeavors, PaymentMax is sending Julie Murphy a free credit card reader that works on the iPhone or Android phone.

Julie Murphy is a seven-year-old Oregon City resident who had a dream to open a lemonade stand. Inspired by a cartoon character, Julie got her parent’s permission to try her hand at lemonade sales. In addition to creating her own hand-lettered sign, Julie made a list of supplies for her business that included bottled water, Kool-aide, and even hand sanitizer.

The seven-year-old opened for business at a monthly art fair, garnering her first 50 cent customer before her debut pitcher was even made. Unfortunately, Julie’s stand was shut down by county Health Department officials because she had not obtained the $120 temporary restaurant license necessary for operation at that location.

PaymentMax, a Thousand Oaks, California based company heard the girl’s story and believed her enthusiasm should be encouraged, not discouraged. PaymentMax is supporting her promise as a business owner by supplying her with a free ROAMpay credit card reader. The reader plugs into a cell phone headphone jack, and along with the ROAMpay app and a merchant account, turns a cell phone into a secure, mobile credit card processor.

Company CEO Tony Shap said, “We want to support the entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated by Julie Murphy.”

PaymentMax offers card processing solutions for all types of enterprises, from conventional storefronts to home and mobile businesses. Increasingly, businesses both large and small are finding value in being able to conduct commerce in a mobile environment. PaymentMax provides affordable mobile payment merchant accounts that offer business owners reliability, security, and efficiency.

The ROAMpay reader PaymentMax is providing Julie is just one of the mobile solutions available to PaymentMax clients. PaymentMax offers a variety of processing choices and flexible merchant options such as Next Day Funding to businesses owners large and small. From Julie Murphy’s lemonade stand to traditional merchants, PaymentMax supports the entrepreneurial spirit.

PaymentMax An Authorized ROAM Data Reseller

PaymentMax is a merchant services provider that offers options for businesses of any size to accept credit card payments. With competitive rates and their fast, “Next Day Funding” payment option, PaymentMax is the type of merchant partner that helps merchants to find the solution that will work best for their business environment. As an authorized reseller of ROAM Data, PaymentMax offers the ultimate in security and convenience for the mobile business person.

Business is no longer conducted only in an office or storefront. Today’s merchant requires the flexibility of being able to go to any location and accept credit card payments on the spot. ROAM Data is on the leading edge of the technology that turns a cell phone into a true mobile point of sale terminal. With the ROAMpay application, a cell phone can not only accept credit card payments, it can keep track of inventory, compile customer data, and produce sales reports for all cash and credit card sales processed through the phone.

The ROAMpay application is compatible with a large number of phones. Turning a cell phone into a POS terminal is secure; encryption is provided at all stages of a transaction. Data is not stored on the phone itself, and only those who have password access can review transactions and sales reports online.

A valuable tool available through PaymentMax and ROAMpay is the ROAMpay Swipe, a fully functional card reader that plugs into the phone’s headphone jack. Using the Swipe allows merchants to slide the card through the reader, exactly as they would in a store environment. All sales made with the Swipe register as ‘card present’, retail transactions, which allows PaymentMax to provide a reduced transaction fee for these sales.

As an authorized reseller of ROAM Data, PaymentMax provides retailers of every size serious flexibility in business practices. With PaymentMax’s next day funding, a merchant can go anywhere, accept credit card payments, and have the money from those sales in their bank account in a single day – no more waiting up to three days.

Go anywhere, work, and profit with PaymentMax and the ROAMpay products.

PaymentMax announces iPad credit card processing

Credit card processing on the iPad is now available through PaymentMax. At its launch last April, the iPad was touted as a “revolution.” While that may be an overstatement made in the heat of marketing exuberance, when the right apps are added, it isn’t much of an exaggeration. For the small businessman with a merchant account from PaymentMax, an iPad may well revolutionize the way that business is done.

One of the best parts of the iPad, its user interface, is also what makes it good as a credit card processor. Card data is easily entered on the touch screen and displayed as clear, easy to read numbers. The information display, when compared to card processing on standard processing terminals or smaller-screened mobile phones, allows for highly readable orders. It’s clear contrast and brightness levels that stay steady even when viewed from an angle make the legibility aspect of card processing on the iPad even better than when using a more traditional card processing terminal. The app has features that assist with fraud protection and allow the sending of encrypted data over a secure connection.

Apps and iPads being equal, the one variable that the small business owner has complete control over is the choice of provider for his merchant account. PaymentMax has individualized plans so that the start-up entrepreneur is paying only for the features that are needed. As the business grows, more features can be added without becoming locked into long-term contract commitments.

PaymentMax offers accounts that make it practical for a small businessman to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express cards. As soon as the sale is approved, PaymentMax works to get the cash flowing ASAP so the money is available in your bank account in less than a day. This is topped off with other merchant-pleasing features like no application fee, nearly instant account acceptance times, no set-up fees, and 24/7 customer service. PaymentMax believes that the best businesses are built on the best relationships, and that is what they work to bring to their iPad customers.

iPhone 4 maximum efficiency

The iPhone 4, according to Steve Jobs, prolific inventor and CEO of Apple, brings “more innovation to the table than ever before.” Innovation is great as long as it does not outrun the support system. A brand new iPhone 4 is only as useful as the apps that are available. Fortunately that is not a problem for businessmen who need to use their phone to process credit cards. There is a mobile credit card reader available for the iPhone 4 and it is found exclusively through PaymentMax.

Part hardware and part software application, a mobile credit card reader can turn an iPhone 4 into a credit card processing machine. With the addition of the ability to accept all major credit cards, the iPhone 4 truly becomes an ‘office in a pocket.’

• Simplicity
Using a card reader with an iPhone 4 is even easier than accepting a card over a hard-wired connection because there is no paperwork involved. Even the receipt is generated electronically and sent via email.

• Security
A credit card reader from PaymentMax meets all the industry standards and regulations for securely managing credit card data. Information from the magnetic strip is instantly encrypted before it is sent.

• Savings
The wireless service already used for your iPhone 4 is the only connection you need. You also benefit from qualifying for the lowest processing rates by having the card present for the transaction.

• Accuracy
Credit card readers greatly reduce the chance for human error. Electronic data submission means the card numbers are entered accurately the first time, every time.

• Flexibility
You can make a sale and accept payment and any time from practically any place.

• Celerity
You can complete transactions in real time and have the funds deposited in your account in as little as one day. Your customer can pay on the spot and never has to wait in line.

• Practicality
The iPhone 4 card reader can be used for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express while it streamlines your record keeping.

iPhone 4 Credit Card Processing available through PaymentMax

Do you have an iPhone 4 and want to start accepting credit cards anywhere you are? PaymentMax now supports the iPhone 4. Great news for the latest iPhone users! Here are some of the benefits of accepting credit cards with your iPhone 4 (or the hundreds of other phones supported by ROAMpay mobile swipe).

1. No customer lines. Process credit and debit cards wherever your customers are: beach, trade show, farmers market, or doorstep!

2. No missed sales. Appeal to the cashless, plastic paying customers of the world.

3. Save the Earth. Emailed Receipts reduce the amount of paper and ink put into our landfills.

4. Higher ticket amounts. Customers who use credit cards tend to buy more.

5. Track customers. Those emailed receipts are the perfect marketing resource to attract future sales from existing clients.

6. Lower processing rates. Get those low card present rates by swiping your customer’s payment card.

7. Protect your customers. ROAMpay mobile swipe is PCI verified.

So whether you have an iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, Android, or Blackberry give your customers the convenience of credit card payments, while increasing sales, reducing fees, and saving the planet-all in a day’s work.

ROAMpay compatibility list

One of the benefits of ROAMpay mobile credit card processing application is the fact that it is compatible with many different phones and service providers. Here is the compatible phone list, to date.

*See bottom of this page for 2 additional links**

HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000 – Alltel
HTC Touch (CDMA) / XV6900 – Alltel
Motorola Q9c – Alltel
Palm Treo 700wx – Alltel
Apple iPhone – AT&T (Cingular)
Apple iPhone 3G – AT&T (Cingular)
Apple iPhone 3G S – AT&T (Cingular)
Apple iPhone 4 (AT&T & Verizon)
HTC 2125 / 2100 (Faraday) – AT&T (Cingular)
HTC 3125 / Smartflip / 8500 (Star Trek) – AT&T (Cingular)
HTC 8125 / 8100 / MDA (USA) / K-JAM / P4300 (Wizard) – AT&T (Cingular)
HTC Tilt 8925 / TyTN II (Kaiser) – AT&T (Cingular)
HTC TyTN / 8525 / JasJam (Hermes) – AT&T (Cingular)
Motorola Q Global / Q9h – AT&T (Cingular)
Samsung Jack i637 – AT&T (Cingular)
Samsung Propel Pro SGH-i627 – AT&T (Cingular)
Samsung BlackJack II SGH-i617 – AT&T (Cingular)
HP iPAQ Glisten – AT&T Wireless
HTC Touch Pro2 (GSM) – AT&T Wireless
HTC Fuze / Touch Pro (GSM) – AT&T Wireless
LG CU515 – AT&T Wireless
LG eXpo GW820 – AT&T Wireless
LG Shine CU720 – AT&T Wireless
LG Trax CU575 – AT&T Wireless
Motorola KRZR K1 – AT&T Wireless
Motorola RAZR V3 – AT&T Wireless
Motorola RAZR V3i / V3t / V3e / V3r – AT&T Wireless
Motorola RAZR V3xx – AT&T Wireless
Motorola SLVR L7 – AT&T Wireless
Nokia 6555 – AT&T Wireless
Palm Treo 750 – AT&T Wireless
Pantech C3b – AT&T Wireless
Pantech Duo C810 – AT&T Wireless
Pantech Matrix Pro C820 – AT&T Wireless
Research In Motion BlackBerry Curve 8520 – AT&T Wireless
Research In Motion BlackBerry 8700 – AT&T Wireless
Research In Motion BlackBerry 8820 – AT&T Wireless
Research In Motion Blackberry Bold 9000 – AT&T Wireless
Research In Motion BlackBerry Curve 8300 – AT&T Wireless
Research In Motion BlackBerry Curve 8310 – AT&T Wireless
Research In Motion BlackBerry Curve 8320 – AT&T Wireless
Research In Motion Blackberry Curve 8900 – AT&T Wireless
Research In Motion BlackBerry Pearl 8100 – AT&T Wireless
Research In Motion BlackBerry Pearl 8110 – AT&T Wireless
Research In Motion BlackBerry Pearl 8120 – AT&T Wireless
Samsung Access A827 – AT&T Wireless
Samsung BlackJack SGH-i607 – AT&T Wireless
Samsung SGH-A227 / A226 – AT&T Wireless
Samsung SGH-A717 – AT&T Wireless
Samsung SGH-A727 – AT&T Wireless
Samsung SGH-A737 / SGH-A736 – AT&T Wireless
Samsung SGH-A777 – AT&T Wireless
Samsung SGH-D357 – AT&T Wireless
Samsung SGH-D407 / D347 – AT&T Wireless
Samsung SGH-P777 – AT&T Wireless
Samsung SLM SGH-A747 – AT&T Wireless
Samsung SYNC SGH-A707 – AT&T Wireless
Sony Ericsson W300 / Z530 – AT&T Wireless
Sony Ericsson W580 / S500 – AT&T Wireless
Sony Ericsson Z310 – AT&T Wireless
Sony Ericsson Z520 / Z525 – AT&T Wireless
HTC 5800 / Fusion / S720 – Qwest Wireless (Verizon)
HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000 – Qwest Wireless (Verizon)
HTC Hero (CDMA) – Sprint
HTC Snap S511 (CDMA) – Sprint
HTC Touch Pro2 (CDMA) – Sprint
HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000 – Sprint
HTC Touch (CDMA) / XV6900 – Sprint
HTC Touch Diamond – Sprint
HTC Touch Pro (CDMA) – Sprint
LG Rumor2 / Banter / UX-265 – Sprint
LG Fusic / LX-550 – Sprint
LG Lotus / LX 600 – Sprint
LG LX-160 / Flare – Sprint
LG Muziq / LX-570 – Sprint
LG Rumor / Scoop / UX-260 – Sprint
Motorola L7c – Sprint
Motorola Q9c – Sprint
Motorola RAZR V3m – Sprint
Motorola RAZR2 V9m – Sprint
Motorola Red RAZR – V3m – Sprint
Palm Treo Pro (CDMA) – Sprint
Palm Treo 700w – Sprint
Palm Treo 800w – Sprint
Research In Motion BlackBerry 8830 – Sprint
Research In Motion BlackBerry Curve 8330 – Sprint
Research In Motion BlackBerry Curve 8350i – Sprint
Research In Motion BlackBerry Pearl 8130 – Sprint
Research In Motion BlackBerry Tour 9630 – Sprint
Samsung Ace SPH-i325 – Sprint
Samsung Instinct M800 – Sprint
Samsung M510 – Sprint
Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace – Sprint
Samsung SPH-Z400 – Sprint
Sanyo Katana DLX / 8500 – Sprint
Sanyo Katana II 6650 – Sprint
Sanyo MM-7500 – Sprint
Sanyo SCP-3200 – Sprint
Sanyo SCP-7050 – Sprint
Sanyo SCP-8400 – Sprint
UTStarcom PPC-6700 / XV-6700 / HTC Apache – Sprint
HTC 5800 / Fusion / S720 – Sprint / Nextel
HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000 – Sprint / Nextel
Motorola Q – Sprint / Nextel
HTC 8125 / 8100 / MDA (USA) / K-JAM / P4300 (Wizard) – SunCom (T-Mobile)
HTC Dash / S620 / S621 (Excalibur) – SunCom (T-Mobile)
HTC MDA Compact / xda II mini / JAM (Magician) – SunCom (T-Mobile)
HTC Dash 3G / Snap – T-Mobile
HTC myTouch 3G / Magic – T-Mobile
HTC Nexus One – T-Mobile
HTC Touch Pro2 (GSM) – T-Mobile
HTC 8125 / 8100 / MDA (USA) / K-JAM / P4300 (Wizard) – T-Mobile
HTC Dash / S620 / S621 (Excalibur) – T-Mobile
HTC G1 – T-Mobile
HTC Pocket PC Phone (Space Needle) – T-Mobile
HTC SDA (USA) / SP5m (Tornado) – T-Mobile
HTC Shadow – T-Mobile
HTC Shadow (2009) – T-Mobile
HTC Wing / P4350 (Herald) – T-Mobile
Motorola RAZR V3i / V3t / V3e / V3r – T-Mobile
Motorola W490 / W510 / W5 – T-Mobile
Nokia 5300 – T-Mobile
Nokia 6126 / 6131 / 6133 – T-Mobile
Research In Motion BlackBerry 8700 – T-Mobile
Research In Motion BlackBerry 8800 – T-Mobile
Research In Motion BlackBerry 8820 – T-Mobile
Research In Motion BlackBerry Curve 8320 – T-Mobile
Research In Motion Blackberry Curve 8900 – T-Mobile
Research In Motion BlackBerry Pearl 8100 – T-Mobile
Research In Motion BlackBerry Pearl 8120 – T-Mobile
Research In Motion BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 – T-Mobile
Samsung Behold II – T-Mobile
Samsung Katalyst SGH-T739 – T-Mobile
HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000 – U.S. Cellular
Motorola Q – U.S. Cellular
Motorola Q9c – U.S. Cellular
HTC Droid Eris – Verizon Wireless
HTC Ozone – Verizon Wireless
HTC Touch Pro2 (CDMA) – Verizon Wireless
HTC 5800 / Fusion / S720 – Verizon Wireless
HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000 – Verizon Wireless
HTC Touch (CDMA) / XV6900 – Verizon Wireless
HTC Touch Diamond – Verizon Wireless
HTC Touch Pro (CDMA) – Verizon Wireless
LG enV Touch VX-11000 – Verizon Wireless
LG enV2 (VX-9100) – Verizon Wireless
LG VX-5300 / UX-245 / AX-245 – Verizon Wireless
LG VX-5400 – Verizon Wireless
Motorola Devour – Verizon Wireless
Motorola Droid A855 – Verizon Wireless
Motorola Q9c – Verizon Wireless
Motorola Q9m – Verizon Wireless
Palm Treo 700wx – Verizon Wireless
Pantech PN-820 – Verizon Wireless
Research In Motion BlackBerry 8800 – Verizon Wireless
Research In Motion BlackBerry 8830 – Verizon Wireless
Research In Motion BlackBerry Curve 8330 – Verizon Wireless
Research In Motion BlackBerry Pearl 8130 – Verizon Wireless
Research In Motion BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 – Verizon Wireless
Research In Motion BlackBerry Tour 9630 – Verizon Wireless
Samsung Gleam SCH-U700 / Muse – Verizon Wireless
Samsung Saga i770 – Verizon Wireless
Samsung SCH-i760 – Verizon Wireless
UTStarcom PPC-6700 / XV-6700 / HTC Apache – Verizon Wireless

**Updated swiper list** >>

**Updated swiper card reader list** >>

VeriFone PAYware Mobile for iPhone available through PaymentMax

Add VeriFone’s PAYware Mobile, now available at PaymentMax, to your iPhone™ and you’ll have a complete iPhone credit card processing solution complete with card swipe and signature capture. Accommodating clients who prefer to use credit or debit cards could result in a sales increase.

Having a convenient, portable system to accept credit and debit cards does not mean less security. VeriShield Protect enabled and data encrypted, PAYware Mobile fully complies with international standards for software security.

Using electronic data encryption is more secure than credit or debit card slips and reduces the chances your small business will face a liability issue. Using PAYware also reduces transaction times and eradicates the errors manual entry can produce.

Constructed with quality components, the card encryption sleeve is ergonomic and durable. The encryption sleeve easily snaps onto your 3G or 3GS iPhone™. The stylus is conveniently built into the sleeve and simplifies signature captures. Receipts are emailed instantly. The proceeds are transferred into your account almost immediately providing you quick access to the funds.

Using the encryption sleeve in combination with the free PAYware App could result in a reduction of fees of up to 30%. The app is available as a standard download from the iPhone™ App Store. PaymentMax offers low swiped rates with PAYware use.

Not only is PAYware secure but transactions are geotagged and can assist in dispute resolution. This feature, along with the signature capture capability, will also decrease claims of fraud. Reverse charge claims filed with merchants can be successfully challenged.

PAYware reports in real time and has search capabilities to assist in locating specific transactions. Easily balance the day’s activities with robust summaries. Using less cash in transactions results in fewer mathematical errors and thefts.

Unlike expensive wireless terminals, PAYware’s card encryption sleeve is available at no cost. There is a $49 activation fee and a two-year contract are required to sign-up with VerFone’s PayWare Mobile. A merchant account is necessary, however, PaymentMax can establish an account for you. Applications are available on the PaymentMax website.

Get PAYware for your small business today by visiting the PaymentMax website at For more information, email